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An American author and novelist Stephen King is well known for writing more than 60 books and 200 short stories. The legendary writer’s first book was published in 1974 and from that time till now he is adored by his readers for his perfection in writing. 

Are you looking for a good book by Stephen King? As we all know, on different famous reading platforms Stephen’s books have been rated fiver star and left with the best reviews. Considering those, here we are about to review the top 10 best books by Stephen King.

The top 10 Stephen King books with best ratings.

  1. The Shining

Surprisingly, “the shining” is not only the most popular book by Stephen King but at the same time his first-ever bestselling book. The Shining is a gothic horror novel written by Stephen King and first published in 1977. Later on, this novel is also filmed in 1980 and the fact is that it has become the most enduring horror movie of all time. 

A suspenseful story of Jack Torrance, who has started a new job in the Overlook Hotel as a caretaker. And later on, some sinister forces began to emerge and hence this terrifying haunted house story has been scaring the people since 1977.

  1. The Institute: A Novel

The institute is another horror thriller by Stephen King (an American author) which is published on 10 September 2019. This novel is from the super-prolific King’s recent writings and got admired and appreciated in less time. This novel is about a 12-year-old boy named Luke Ellis with an extraordinary brain. In the story when Luke’s parents are murdered, he gets kidnapped and is taken to an institute, and then the actual story begins. A large portion of the novel’s action happens in the titular institute.

  1. Later

LATER is where Stephen King is at his finest. A terrifying story of a boy Jamie Conklin who is a son of a struggling mother. The story elaborates on the unnatural ability of the boy who wants to spend an ordinary normal childhood like other kids. But he isn’t an ordinary child. Jamie has the specialty to see what others cannot see and learn what no one else can learn. And using this ability cost him more than he can imagine.  

Stephen King has written two other books for Hard Case Crime and this one is his 3rd book which is also his bestselling like the other two.

  1. Billy Summers

Another crime novel written by Stephen King is Billy Summers and is published on 3 August 2021. As we all know King is known for writing horror novels, no matter what his writings are he is always considered a horror novelist. But this time in this novel he is in noir mode and there are no supernatural shades in the book. This book is one of his best books ever.

  1. The Stand

The Stand, a novel about a super virus named “Captain Trips” that eats up about 99 percent of the planet. And a few of the survivors left behind lives together in two camps, establish their new social system to survive. They start to wage the war of good against evil. 

This book is highly recommended by the readers and reviewers which makes it the best book of Stephen King. Also, you will probably be amazed to know that the draft of this book was this long that the printing press was not able to handle and publish it. They requested and forced Mr. Stephen to cut out the large portion of the book. Now you can imagine how wonderful this book is.

  1. Lisey’s story

Lisey’s Story is a novel about both horror and romance by Stephen King. This novel was published on 24 October 2006 and it also won the Bran Stoker Award in the same year 2006. Later on, it was also nominated for World Fantasy Award in 2007. Thus, this novel is a famous hit by Stephen King.

Let’s just look at the story. It is about Lisey’s present life and the life of her husband who was dead and he used to remember him, this continues in the whole course of the novel.

The story combines mixed elements of romance and psychological horror and is highly recommended by the readers.

  1. If It Bleeds

Readers always admire Stephen King’s novels because the legendary storyteller always comes up with the best for his readers. This book “if it bleeds” is a collection of his fours novellas which were remained unpublished. As we already know that this book is a collection of his 4 unpublished novellas, so the stories in it are titled “Mr. Harrigan’s phone”, “If it bleeds”, “Rat” and “The Life of Chunk”.

  1. The Outsider

A story about belief named “The Outsider” by Stephen King was published in 2018. This book is about an unspeakable crime and a confounding investigation. The story focuses on a detective from a small town, whose job is to find answers to real-world mysteries. Many readers have given good reviews about the book and recommend others to read it once.

  1. Mr. Mercedes: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy Book 1)

The first hard-boiled detective book by the American author Stephen King is Mr. Mercedes which was published on June 3, 2014, and become very popular. It has won Edgar Award for the best novel in 2015. The award-winning book Mr. Mercedes is about a killer, an insane killer who is chilling and never forgettable.

  1. The Dark Tower (7 book series)

The last book of Stephen King on our list is “The Dark Tower”. This impressive and entertaining book of King may turn out to be his greatest achievement. It is among his bestselling books and admired by readers. This masterpiece is published on September 21, 2004 (the same day as King’s Birthday). The main four subtitles of the book are reproduction, revelation, redemption, and resumption. 

Like his other writings, this book is also highly recommended to read and get your mind fresh.


In the end, we conclude that the above-reviewed books of Mr. Stephen King are something next level with their mesmerizing horror stories. You can read them through kindle, audiobook, and hardcover by spending less amount. I am sure you will be entertained through them.

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