Best Tech and Gadget blogs

Best Technology and Gadget Blogs

Best Gadgetry

Best Gadgetry aims to bring information about the latest and most innovative developments in the field of technology, to ensure that you keep yourself informed and receive the most effective. Best Gadgetry was founded in 2015.


Techivian is a website that provides information on the most recent and innovative gadgets and consumer electronics to help you understand the options you have. Techivian was established in 2012 and provides information, reviews and comparisons on technology, science gadgets and consumer electronics all in one place.


This website provides information about the top software, applications and electronic items worth purchasing. began operations on the 1st May, 2013. This site provides details about top-quality smartphones, gadgets and services, as well as internet resources and apps. Techwayz provides information on the latest computer devices and peripherals. Check the price of hp laptop screen online in India


Sid Tech aims at bringing viewers the latest and greatest from tech news from India and all over the world We aim to provide viewers with the highest quality content across our platforms. This includes the latest technology news unboxings, reviews as well as comparisons tips and tricks, daily tech deals , and so lots more.


TechAndroids is a news-based site, with a focus on giving the latest news and leaks for Tech News and Information.

They cover a variety of Tech specialties, such as Smartphones, Androids, Gadgets, Smartwatch, Laptops etc. The site also offers an overview of their specifications and reviews.


TechnoKraze is a technology portal focused on providing the most up-to-date tech news on mobiles as well as consumer electronic devices. We also provide insight and analysis, complete

gadget reviews and business trends, among others. Also, we create guides as well as feature articles.

In its short time of its existence, TechnoKraze has acquired many users and followers. The number of visitors to the site is growing every day, and, consequently, the social network users. Check hp laptop display price online in India


iGadgetsworld team launched the site on the 16th of December the 16th of December, 2012, and intend to make it a journal for tech. They publish articles on the latest gadgets and concepts, as well as prototypes, smartphone reviews phone launch dates, prices and in-depth reviews of mobile marketing as well as the technology of the present.


Since its launch in 2015 GeekSnipper is an outlet for sharing news guides, reviews, and the latest Geek updates for Geeks. With GeekSnipper they strive to become the primary source and an avenue for communication for geeks everywhere to connect with others around the world.

Gadget Scanner

Gadget Scanner will try to satisfy your craving for new information, reviews, news as well as user guides for mobile phones and everything else to have to do with them.


TechCular is a blog about technology that includes Apple, Android, Microsoft, Google, Gadgets, as well as internet news. It was founded on the 8th of January 2008, with an purpose to develop and create an extensive database of sharp precise, relevant and valuable content.

This three-year-old tech blog ensures that its huge readership, which stands at over 50,000 users via FeedBurner only, is kept up-to-date with the latest news in the technology niche. Today, TechCular is recognized by many as being among the best well-known and read tech blogs, with more than 11,000 resources that are helpful.


GadgetAdda is an internet-based publication that provides the latest news in the world of technology. They aim to provide up-to-date details on the latest trends and isn’t. Their services are geared towards tech-savvy people and startups that have invested long hours growing their businesses to a satisfactory stage.

Gizmo base

This website can be described as ” All About Tech ” and is totally committed to the advancement of technology. They are committed to providing you with the top quality and most informative tech-related content. They offer cool tech updates tips, tricks, comparisons, and reviews, so that they keep you informed as well as one step ahead the other geeks.

 Best TechGuru

“Best Tech Guru(tm)” is a well-known Tech Blog in India, it’s not just a website for fun, but they are also professional and accountable, and they know the needs of their readers They’re committed to meeting the expectations of their readers. They strive to present technology in a way that is simple to make it understandable for everyone. the technology easily.


DroidCrunch is dedicated to providing honest reviews of Applications, Smartphones and Gadgets. Droidcrunch offers an Android blog that covers everything related to Android news, technology news tips and tricks, and lots more.

Hindu Geek

HinduGeek is another excellent blog for geeks who are tech-savvy. run by Harihara Kumar.


Geeksla provides fascinating, informative and useful information based on technology. Startup Entrepreneur, Tips and tricks, gadget reviews, and other internet-related stuff.


Technograte A great source for updates and more detailed Technology blogs.


Shubz is a great review site that states it says that ” “We We are devoted to finding the best Gadget for You” They have done quite well in their pursuit of this goal.

Gadget perks

Gadet Perks is continuously adding value to the gadget blog by publishing great In-Depth content.

Gadgets square

In-depth TheGadgetSquare provides the most current services and products across all platforms and carriers providing users with the tools necessary to investigate price, compare options and select companies that best meet their needs. Editors on the site are very active responding to comments frequently and taking the conversation to a higher level.

Go to tech

GoTech is in close contact with organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, etc to keep ahead of the technological advancements and to be the best open-platform information and analysis online on the Web. It is a brand-new site however they are enthusiastic and committed to the project.

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