Best Wifi Router For Long Range

Routers are devices to boost wifi signals. Well, you have to agree the process of choosing a router is no less boring and challenging because we just do not follow the development of the technology itself WiFi, not interested in the characteristics, innovations, etc. We just don’t need it. And that’s okay. A router is a device that we buy, set up and then it gathers dust somewhere. We think about it only when the Internet begins to glitch or even stops working. And about choosing and buying a new router for your home or apartment, we start thinking only when the old one stops working at all, or the connection speed drops, disconnects devices, etc. Not always and not everyone, of course, but in most cases, this is true. Four years ago, I wrote a similar article, but it was already outdated. So, I decided to update it and talk about choosing a Best Wifi Router For Long Range in 20210000.

Best Wifi Router For Long Range

To be honest not much has changed in 4 years in the router market. Of course, there are new models and even manufacturers. Best Wifi Router For Long Range are Dual-band routers supporting 802.11ac (WiFi 5 GHz) became cheaper, new devices – WiFi Mesh systems appeared, and only routers supporting the new standard WiFi 6 (802.11ax) started to appear. This is a must-have when choosing a WiFi router in 2021. In this article, I’ll talk about it in more detail. If you are select wifi repeater for your home or office then you can make setting by online Myrepeater website.

Best Wifi Router For Long Range in 2021?

Based on the information above, you can already choose a router without any problems. Especially since it is now possible to explore different options in online stores, look at prices, read reviews. I don’t like to advice about any particular models. It is all very individual. You have to understand that everyone has different tasks, different budgets, and not everyone will like even the look of the model I can advise. And the appearance of the router is also very important.

But still, let’s look at a few router models that I could probably recommend in 2020. These are the kind of not-so-cheap and not-so-expensive options that are likely to work for more people. Also, in the end, let’s look at a few models of WiFi Mesh systems.

TP-Link Archer A7

A good router option for your home or apartment.

It has everything you need:

  • Support for two bands and respectively the 802.11ac standard
  • Gigabit ports
  • USB port
  • Simple and clear web interface, control via an application
  • Cool look

Of similar models, you can look at Archer C1200, Archer A6, Archer C7 and more expensive and productive Archer A9.

Asus RT-AC1750U or Asus RT-AC65P

These are exciting models with enough performance and functionality for home use. Dual-band, hygabit ports and USB-port of the 3.1 standards. Unusual appearance.

If you want a time-tested router, then ASUS has these models RT-AC58U, RT-AC66U, RT-AC1200G+. You have to study the specifications carefully.

D-Link DIR-878, DIR-853, DIR-825

All three routers are dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and have gambit WAN/LAN ports. The D-Link DIR-878, for example, is more expensive. But it is the most productive and fastest. And for some reason, it doesn’t have a USB. The D-Link DIR-825 is the most affordable option, which is excellent for a small apartment or house.

If you want a more affordable version, look at the D-Link DIR-806A. But it doesn’t have a gigabit port.

Keenetic Viva KN-1910

The manufacturer Keenetic has a relatively large line of Internet centers (routers). One of the optimal (in terms of features and price) models is Keenetic Viva. Of course, it is a dual-band model. WAN/LAN ports support speeds up to 1 Gbit/s, WiFi speeds up to 1267 Mbit/s. There are two USB ports. Supports 3G/4G modems, excellent web interface. It can be used as an ADSL modem after purchasing and connecting the Keenetic Plus DSL adapter.

Keenetic has more affordable and simple models (e.g. Keenetic Speedster, Keenetic Extra) and more advanced and correspondingly expensive ones (Keenetic Giga, Keenetic Ultra). This is probably one of the best routers for your office or apartment.

Netis WF2780

Probably one of the most affordable and popular dual-band routers in 2020. In terms of features almost not inferior to more expensive models from other manufacturers. A very popular and affordable model. Of course, the quality of materials and hardware itself is probably a bit inferior to similar models from TP-Link or ASUS, but the price of Netis will be lower by half.

I had a Netis WF2780, a good option. Especially when the budget is limited, but you want to take a modern router.

There is also a more productive, gaming model Netis WF2681 in a red case.


The RangeXTD can be used to provide WiFi services over large areas for home and commercial use. It can use your wireless router’s existing 802.11n wireless signal to replicate and extend its range. The RangeXTD supports a 2.4 Gbps wireless network connection and can support 2.4 Gbps transmission speeds up to 300 Mbps. It has two built-in antennas and their performance, transmission speed and stability are great. The technology automatically prevents channel conflicts with the channel select function.

Package Contents

  • 1 RangeXTD Wi-Fi access point / router (device)
  • 1 European standard plug
  • 1 US plug
  • 1 x Quick Installation Guide
  • 1 RJ45 cable

Tenda AC9 and Tenda AC10U

Some more modern and  inexpensive routers, but from the Tenda. Quite serious routers with excellent features. Both dual-band and Gigabit ports. There is also a USB port.

There are even more affordable options (of the dual-band variety)—for example, the Tenda AC5 or the Tenda AC8.

Mercusys AC12G

Another affordable manufacturer. And their most popular router is the Mercusys AC12G. My advice is to consider the Mercusys AC12G. There’s an even cheaper Mercusys AC12, but it doesn’t have gigabit ports. But as an option, if you don’t need fast WAN/LAN ports, you can also look at the AC12.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 4A Gigabit Edition

When looking at routers from Xiaomi, my choice for 2020 would be the Mi WiFi Router 4A Gigabit Edition. Or rather, I probably wouldn’t buy a Xiaomi router at all. No, not because they are any bad, I just don’t like them. And a lot of people have different problems with the setup process. But if you like Xiaomi tech, consider the Mi WiFi Router 4A Gigabit Edition.

It’s a regular dual-band router with gigabit ports. There’s an even more affordable Mi WiFi Router 4A model. Without the gigabit ports. The appearance and price of these routers certainly attract the attention of buyers.

Note that I’ve only considered above the optimal (in my opinion) router models suitable for home use and can be recommended for purchase even in late 2020. And they will most likely still be relevant in 2021. There are plenty of other routers on the market, both more affordable and more expensive and advanced. Choose a model based on your requirements and your budget. But I wouldn’t recommend saving too much money on a Best Wifi Router For Long Range.


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