Car Maintenance Tips For Winters

We love our cars and we love the winter season equally! However, the love we have for our cars needs reassurance and a little extra care with the changing seasons. A person who is well aware and knows how to keep his/her ride maintained in winter saves themselves a lot of time and money.

You may think we are exaggerating the maintenance care but we kid you not, automobiles require a different care regime in transitioning seasons. The gas kit doesn’t bust and burn but the oil sure gets frozen. A reliable, authentic, and readily available car service provider like Valvoline is cognizant of such precautions.

The Valvoline Express Care coupon offers amazing discounts that are time-saving and cost-effective services. Given by the top-notch automobile care and supplies manufacturer and provider, Valvoline. Anyone can vouch for the instant oil change service by Valvoline oils that is efficiently done in less than 15 minutes. Similarly, you can avail of other services at your nearest Valvoline Express Care store.

To help you keep your automobile maintained during the cold season, and give you a smooth hassle-free ride, we have come up with a few tricks and tips that will guide you in the longer run.

Car Maintenance Tips For Winters

Give Your Car a Good Wash before the Snow Hits

To step out of your home in winters is itself a struggle, let alone wash your cars. Hail and snowstorms, with gusty winds, are common to occur in winters. Leaving scratches, dunks and even rust on our cars if left untaken care of.

The first step to prepare for winters is to give your automobile a good wash. Dismantle the parts, remove the tires and take off the interior covers. Pay extra heed to the front and back of your engine and tires, to rid of any gunk from it.

You can also avail of the Valvoline Express Care coupon and visit the shop to get your car cleaned up. While you are at it, might as well get the oil change done to give yourself a smooth ride and keep the automobile in good condition throughout the season.

Check Windscreen Wiper Blades

Another basic yet crucial tip is to keep a strict check on your wiper blades regulation. You can get the regular blades replaced with winter blades if you live in a region where it snows heavily. The winter blades are built strong to wipe all the snow off the mirror. They are durable and don’t break easily on rapid use.

Do we have to tell how unsafe and harmful it can be to have foggy mirrors in the winter season? The majority of accidents occur due to poor visibility, putting a pivot responsibility on wipers. Invest in a good pair of wipers from a reliable brand at a reputed store. To keep all kinds of pollens, water bubbles, and debris off the windscreen.

Valvoline Express Care shop ensures the wipers are in excellent, smooth working condition. If not, then the shop has a range of wipers for each automobile. You can even ask for advice and suggestion from the experts working at Valvoline.

Ensure Adequately Working Warning Lights

We all can relate to the nuisance foggy weather causes. In winters, you need proper, bright working headlights in the daytime as well. The frost and snow covering roads and fog make it indistinct and obscure.

Lights are important and play an eminent role to help communicate, give signals and keep you wary of any signboards or potholes on the road. If your warning lights or headlights are not working adequately then you may be at risk. We highly suggest you make sure your lights are clean and in working condition. No bulbs are fused or the button is dysfunctional.

With road visibility compromised in winters, it’s best to take all necessary measures to keep yourself and others on the road safe from any unforeseen event. Make sure your tail lamps are bright for other drivers to see you but are not flashy to make the other driver blind. You can avail of the Valvoline Express Care Coupon to get your lights checked and changed if needed.

Test the Tire Treads and Brakes

Checking your tires and examining the tread depth is basic at all times. Especially, in winters when the chances of deflation are high, make sure to get your tires replaced with winter tires. As they create better friction, improvising the acceleration.

Did you know, the treads are purposely made denser and with larger gaps? They are rightly designed this way to increase traction on snow. The braking distance is swift when you have installed winter tires in your vehicle.

Brakes have to be in their best, top-notch condition to keep you and your vehicle safe. Roads are wet and slippery, and if you have dysfunctional brakes it might get harmful and costly to get them replaced later. We recommend you drive around the block before taking your vehicle on a long trip to ensure calipers or handbrakes have not frozen up.

Remember Oil Levels and Other Fluids Are Important

If you want to keep trouble at bay in winters, make sure to check your oil and other fluids. Valvoline is an expert at providing oil solutions. You can get the oil replaced while sitting in your car, within 15 minutes from Valvoline Express Care Shop.

If the fluid levels are not adequate or your fluids are contaminated, it will result in a rough, noisy ride. To get the friction reduced and guarantee a smooth ride, examine your oil. It is best to get it replaced in winter. Also check the coolant levels, as it tends to get frozen in the winter season.

You must be aware of how the oil gets thickened slowing the engine, consuming more power from the battery. It is important to keep your engine protected and to ensure that fluids play a vital role. Make sure you have sufficient fuel in your car. Never risk driving when your car fuel level strikes red. It is almost impossible to step out in the snow and find a station.

Check for Stray Animals

Another important reminder and the tip is to knock or slam the door before starting your car, as in the cold season small animals tend to seek shelter. Cat’s favorite is the engine area. Check beneath the car and around it to keep them safe.

We also suggest; you visit the Valvoline Express Care and get your vehicle all prepped for the cold season. We hope these simple yet useful tips help you ensure your car is ready to handle whatever hail or snowball winters throw at you.

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