What products do i need for my skin type?

Selecting the best skin care product out of the extensive myriad of options available online and in physical stores is a strenuous task. The heavy advertisement around beauty products also plays an essential role in shaping consumer behavior. We are more cautious about the type of product that we buy when it concerns our skin than for any other product.

This decision should not be as confounding as it has become. Getting to know your skin a little better is the best way to select a skincare product that provides nourishment for your skin. Most of the leading brands make skincare products that are FDA approved and mention the ingredients on the packaging.

Do not settle for a low-quality skincare product as it can leave lasting damages to your sensitive skin. While trying to save money by choosing cheap quality, inexpensive products, you are risking your skin to irreversible damage that might later cause you an expensive skincare treatment. Spend wisely on what you put on your face or use digital coupons from DealMeCoupon when shopping on a budget.

Men and women both have different skin textures and skin types. Even men must invest some time and effort in maintaining a skincare regime to battle environmental harm. You might want to choose an all-organic brand like Dr. Squatch for products that have all-natural ingredients specifically developed for both genders.

What are the different skin types?

You first need to determine the kind of skin type that you have before selecting a beauty product that will deliver the best results. Not all products will work for your skin type; a highly reviewed or advertised product might be disappointing for you if it does not match your skin type. 

1- Oily

2- Dry

3- Normal

4- Combination

5- Sensitive

These are the 5 basic skin types. Chose a beauty product wisely based on your skin requirement for better results and a visible difference.

A little preliminary search about the different beauty and skincare products in the market proves to be invaluable. If you are wondering where to start, let us intervene by presenting you the tips that will enable you to buy the best skincare products based on your skin type.

1- Do Not Follow Blindly

Once you have determined your skin type, the next big thing is to seek out skincare products that are specifically made for your skin. Fashion influencers start a new trend on social media each day where they ask you to try different products that worked for them. Do not follow every trend blindly.

We all have specific skincare types and needs which cannot be met by using the same products. Experimenting with your skin is always a bad idea as skin is the most delicate organ of our body. Make sure the product matches your skin type and has ingredients that will nourish and hydrate your skin.

2- Ingredients 

The chemical composition of the beauty product that you plan to buy is of utmost importance. Certain ingredients work well for a skin type and others that you should steer away from. We have listed the active ingredients that must be in the products that are specified for a certain skin type.

  • Oily– Products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide and hyaluronic acid are effective in maintaining and controlling the sebaceous glands. Where the former controls the release of oil and the latter ensures that your skin stays hydrated. 
  • Dry– Use creams and ointments that have jojoba oil, Shea butter, or lactic acid as the main ingredients as they can do wonders for your skin. These active ingredients will help to heal and replenish your skin.
  • Sensitive– This skin type needs extra love, care, and attention. Use products that have the minimum amount of ingredients or use herbal products. The most effective ingredients are aloe vera, chamomile, green tea, and even shea butter.

3- Elements To Avoid

Since we have mentioned the active ingredients that will most benefit your skin then it is only fair to mention those that must be avoided at all costs. Certain ingredients do more harm than good. These include paraben, fragrance, formaldehyde, and sulfates and must be avoided at all costs.

4- Patch Test

This should be a common practice when buying cosmetics, skincare products, and even fragrances. Never buy these products by only looking at the glossy packaging or ingredients. If you are paying buck loads of money for a small product, then why compromise on a patch test?

A patch test is important as it gives an idea of how the product will look and feel on your skin. Some products end up not being absorbed and give your skin a cakey feeling; a patch test ensures that the product works as described and expected. If the product irritates your skin, causes redness, or clogs your pores, then you know it is not for you.

5- High-End Products

As hard as we try, it is hard to ignore the fact that the best skincare and beauty products are usually the ones that are offered by luxury, high-end brands. The pricier the product- the better the quality. This could be because a lot of resources are spent in the research and development of a safe, FDA-approved product that will be gentle on your skin.

While saving money and avoiding unnecessary expenses is what we firmly believe in, skincare must not be compromised. It is better to opt for a high-quality product that does some good for your skin rather than wasting money on a low-quality product that does nothing. Make sure you follow the instructions in the book for optimal results.

Pro Tip– Invest in serums and essential oils for ageless and revitalized skin, devoid of fine lines, wrinkles, and an absolute, healthy glow. 

End Note

Skincare is a form of self-love and subconsciously helps to build your self-esteem. With the hassle and chaos of everyday life, you must take out a few minutes each day to pamper yourself with a proper skincare regime.

Invest in good quality products that will help to mend, hydrate and replenish your skin while fighting off the adverse effects of everyday stress. Keep on the lookout for better products that will work for your skin type to stay ahead of the skincare game.

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