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About lululemon healthcare workers discount

Lululemon health care workers to provide a standard of holistic, compassionate and personalized healthcare. Lululemon is a pioneer in the field of corporate wellness with a Lululemon Certified Healthcare Professional program designed to educate health care professionals on fitness, nutrition and detoxification for their patients.

Lululemon healthcare workers discount FAQ's

Lululemon's healthcare workers discount covers 50% off the original price and must be applied for in advance.

The discount is available to lululemon employees, qualified family members of employees or health care professional who are providing medical support during an event. They validate your eligibility by looking at your lululemon employee ID number, so it would be really easy if you have one. If you don't have one yet but work for them or are dying to know what their wholesale prices are, all you need to do is get a job there already - it's worth it!

Lululemon will enter all of this info on the company credit card so they have an easy time verifying who they are honoring

1. Did you know that the medical professionals at lululemon are eligible for an annual healthcare discount?

You should check if lululemon has any healthcare worker discounts, because it might be worth checking out.
If they are there you are lucky because they are usually very expensive for people to buy in the store! Good luck!

Luluemon's health care worker discount is actually quite affordable. It's well worth checking out even if you're not looking to purchase another Lulu item.

2. Is becoming a member worthwhile if I'm not working in "healthcare"?

it's not like you get a lifelong membership to something! When you die, your account dies with you. So that's pretty darn useless! It's up to your heirs whether they want to give away all of their hard earned money on stuff like

3. Do you know what lululemon offers healthcare workers?

We have a number of medical uniforms available for healthcare workers, designed with high-performing fabrics to keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable.

Cool & dry fabric enhances skin health and maintains a regulated temperature against an individual's skin.
Blended cotton-spandex stays stretchy and retains its shape wash after wash. Provides next-to-skin comfort that doesn't chafe or bind even in bulky uniforms.
Oeko-Tex® certified breathable fabric meets stringent global performance standards for environmental responsibility, product quality and workplace safety as well as sustainability initiatives such as fair labor practices, chemical toxicity reduction and sustainable materials innovation

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