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The more expensive the pillow, the higher the quality of materials used in its construction (including fabrics like silk or wool) and the greater attention given to meeting comfort needs (like invisible seams, contoured outsides). The cost will increase exponentially based on these considerations.

Similarly, if you only want one pillow there are cheaper options available to you with good longevity and qualiities which will meet most people's needs just fine. If it is something that you would care about feeling secure about spending money on overtime then maybe one of those $200 pillows would be worth it to you compared

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I ended up purchasing this pillow for myself because I happened to live near a store that had them in stock. Prior to buying it, might have said something like "a little too expensive." But after figuring out what's inside and how well made it is, it looks pretty good now! Though I'm not sure if the price tag is justified just based on a few minutes of inspection in a retail environment - that's for people with more knowledge about mattresses and bedding than me.
But let me just say that if you're looking for a nice new soft pillow, with the option to wash the cover so


1. What's your favorite thing about your pillow?

My favorite thing about my pillow is how it perfectly matches the personality of my room.

Style inspiration for every personality so your home can express who you are. Beautifully designed to go with any decor, mix and match decorative pillows in every season's colors - pastels, taupes, jewel tones. Plus with our easy care fabrics you never have to worry again!


2. Have you noticed any improvements in your sleep since buying the pillow?

The right pillow is great for getting a good night's rest, but there are many other things that can help you sleep better! One that comes to mind is making sure your room is cool. Your body likes its temperature to be pretty constant. If it gets too hot, your sleeping pattern will likely suffer due to difficulty sleeping. To feel pleasant and comfortable in bed, it's important the room isn't too warm or too cold because this has an impact on how our bodies are able to sleep at night. Letting out some of the heat from inside the bedroom with a fan or investing in a space heater before going to bed can really help even out those extremes and give you all-

3. What's your favorite thing about your pillow?

A study from the University of Pittsburgh analyzed 195 adults who tried to change their sleep position for six months and found no improvement in sleep quality, daytime fatigue or any other measure. The best way to get a good night's rest is by following your natural instinct on how to find a comfortable position.

4. Favorite sleep position, side sleeper or back sleeper?

I'm a side sleeper. Side sleepers are the minority on our planet, I think. I've studied this extensively, since it's an important issue to me, and understanding who's more likely to be a back or side sleeper is just one of the things that helped me understand myself.

I am cognizant of the idea that one of my senses - touch - may have had something to do with why I am a side sleeper instead of being either more of a back or stomach sleeper. That said, there are some other reasons you might be drawn towards being on your sides for sleep...

- When you get comfortable 'on your sides', optimal contact is made between bones in both areas where they can


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