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About Petco Coupons

We only sell food and stuff for other animals. Sorry! If you want to buy pet supplies, try visiting these other stores: PetSmart, PetsMart, or the ASPCA's Animal Rescue Supply Store.

Petco Coupons FAQ's

Answer: PetCo coupons and pet supplies at your door! has a 20% off coupon code available right now. How do you get it? First head over to the "coupon center" on their website, which is located here. On the page find the button for "Save with Code!", hit it, enter the coupon code below ("PETCO20"), click apply coupon. Boom, instant savings with no printing or clipping sprees required! Happy shopping :)


1. Does anyone need a petco coupon?

A petco coupon only works if you have a petco! Even if you did have one, they don't do anything special for dogs. Cuteness plus cuteness equals cuteness squared, but Petcos may also be expensive, big and boring like the world's largest litter box since it's much easier to buy large quantities of clumping litter when you're in that business.
I recommend saving the paper where your 3-month supply of cat litter or 18-month supply of toilet paper or 26-pack of toilet bowl cleaner may be advertised and keep checking for coupons for these products instead (or save your computers and phone chargers).
You can find the latest coupons

2. When did you last purchase an item at petco?

I've been to petco many times. Like, right now I can see a feather duster killer hanging on the wall over there and it's next to a tube of... what is this? Laxatone? The last time I purchased something was about 3 years ago when I bought some laboratory mice from their online store. They came as lab cages as part of a complete set. And boy were those little critters tough! We couldn't even catch them for two separate days. In the end we had to starve them out by closing off all other ways into that room and then leaving the exit wide open with no obstacles in front of it, which is how they usually get in, but these clever mice found another

3. What did you purchase at that time?

I can't deny that she's worth it. We do live together, after all. And I take great pride in her children, Jason and Nicole. They are the light of my life--even if she is too high maintenance sometimes! But you know what they say about crazy women...anything worth doing has a little bit of crazy to do it right!

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